Did you boycott the Oscars?

Did you boycott the Oscars?

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The Oscars were a complete mess last night. First, Jimmy Kimmel opened the show by referring to the president as a racist. Then, an Iranian filmmaker won the Oscar for best foreign-film. But she had someone accept the award on her behalf because she boycotted the event to show displeasure with the president’s temporary immigration ban, which is no longer valid.

Later on, Jimmy Kimmel showed more disrespect for the president when he tweeted him to ask if he was still awake.

At the conclusion of the night, long after all of the Oscar winners had their chance to voice political messages, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong film for Best Picture. Thus, they ending a terrible show with the worst mistake in Oscar history.

We want to know; did you watch the Oscars or did you boycott the show out of your support for the president?

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